What are the costs of owning a horse?

A partnership is a great way to learn about the ins and outs of racehorse ownership with only a fraction of the investment. Discuss with your partners about sharing the training costs through horse racing partnership.  

Steven Burridge Racing Stables charge approximately S$3750.00 per month for training fees. Additional costs include veterinary bills, entry fees, farrier charges and vitamins etc.

Affordability of Ownership

The Singapore Turf Club offers Singapore and overseas horse owners a Reward Incentive Scheme to lower the costs of ownership using credit rebates to offset training bills.

If your horse wins, you will receive the winning prize money, excluding credit rebates. If your horse runs ‘second’ to ‘third from last place’ you will receive S$1350 which will be given to you from The Singapore Turf Club as cashback to put towards your training costs. If your horse runs ‘second last’ or ‘last’ you will receive S$450 to put towards your training costs.

If your horse runs twice in a month you could receive a terrific incentive as high as S$2700!

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