Backbone of the stable

Our dedicated staff who work endlessly for the welfare of the horses.

Shankar – Senior Track Rider and Barrier Attendant

Shankar began working with horses in his home town of Penang in Malaysia at the age of 26. When Damian Williams his boss at the time, decided to move back home to Melbourne, Australia he took Shankar along too and taught him the ropes from general stable work to track riding.

After spending three years in Australia, Shankar moved to New Zealand to work for the trainer John Sargeant. Not long after, he moved to Singapore to work for the Burridge Stables where he happily rides all the horses.

On race days, Shankar spends the day at the barriers assisting all the Burridge trained runners. As well as loading them into the barriers, he also sits up in the barriers with the horse and jockey lending a kind hand ensuring they get the best start possible.

Shankar likes to get home to Penang whenever Steve and Julie have a horse entered for the races up there. In Singapore he shares an apartment in Woodlands with track rider, Richo, and spends his spare time in the gym or on the jogging track, when not watching TV!

Firdhaus (Trackrider)

Amiable and care-free sounding, Firdhaus graduated from the Turf Club’s S.T.A.R program. He assists Julie in the daily feeding of the horses while also involved in the various riding stages such as riding slow work and some pace work for the racehorses. Firdhaus has proven himself to be responsible and sharp. He is also savvy with the horses and a quick learner who takes initiative. As a promising trackrider, Firdhaus shows great potential for a more rewarding future in horse racing.