Jarin (Supervisor extraordinaire and treadmill operator)

A father of two, Jarin enjoys family time when he is not with the team and horses at Steven Burridge Racing Stables.

“Hard work is everything.”


The epitome of diligence and dedication, Jarin, the almost indispensable supervisor at Steve Burridge Racing Stable, was exposed to stable life from very young. His father used to work at the previous Turf Club in Bukit Timah and the young Jarin grew up learning about horses and caring for them. His present career is a natural progression of his love and aptitude for horses.

A dedicated veteran and a fair supervisor to the rest of the crew, Jarin is also the communication bridge among the team members of the Steven Burridge Racing Stable. He maintains the camaraderie among the team and builds rapport by keeping everyone close to one another. He is the Uncle Agony of sorts and a role model for the rest of the crew. His positive attitude in the face of difficult times with the horses, his consistent sheer hard work (you can see Jarin at the stable 4am almost every morning!) are qualities that the rest of the team can emulate.

With a very steady hand, Jarin operates the high speed galloping treadmill that sees up to 15 horses, which includes 2 to 4 gallops per morning. He gathers all the heart rates and recovery rates and has built up a vast knowledge of horse fitness over the many years he has operated the treadmill. His rapport with the horses is no less than what he has created with the team. He readily acknowledges the hard work required to keep the horses trim and fit for races. He believes in total concentration on work and maintains that this job is certainly not for the weak-hearted.

His ability to sense horses’ temperaments and adapt quickly is an invaluable asset for his job scope and the racing stable.