The costs of training and education a race horses at the Singapore Turf Club are capped at $2,750 per month.

Additional charges include entry fees for races and veterinary bills.

REWARD Incentive Scheme

Singapore based horse owners are charged the entry fee for their runners.

To help lower the cost of keeping racehorses, The Singapore Turf Club have created a reward incentive scheme in the form of a ‘credit rebate’ where by $900.00 will credited to the trainer due to the owner if his horse meets the qualifying criteria. (Look at Fig 1.)

The credit rebate will be deducted from the total training bill and the owner will only be billed the balance of the monthly training bill.

Statistically, with the implementation of this scheme for horses up and racing, Singapore is one of the cheapest places in the world to train a race horse.

The qualifying criteria for horses under the reward incentive scheme is as