The Singapore Turf Club

Grass Race Track : Strath Ayr Turf Track stretches to 2000m for the long course and 1800m for the short course. The width of 5 courses within the track range between 17m to 31m. This sand-based track is turfed with El-Toro Zoysia, a University of California patented grass which is reinforced with netlon fibres.

Training Tracks : Singapore Turf Club can boast a variety of different training tracks with varying course widths and lengths.

– Main Polytrack This is a synthetic surface made up of wax coated recycled fibres, silica and chopped rubber. Polytrack provides cushioning for the horses, regardless of weather, as it is able to spread out the impact of the horses’ hooves through its surface. It also adapts accordingly to wet weather as the binding technology allows wax to combine with water, making it firmer after rain.

– Hill Track The Hill track is a Poly Track surface, it is 1000 metres in length and rises gradually. It offers trainers yet another useful training option, and it is also situated away from the hustle and bustle of the main Poly Track.

– 1600m reverse direction Poly Track The reverse direction track offers trainers the use of training horses the opposite way.