Steven Burridge Racing Stables

Facilities offered by Steven Burridge Racing

8-compartment horse walker High Speed Treadmill E-Trakka Blanket Game Ready Machine Heart Rate Monitors Equine inhaler to help treat respiratory conditions and air-way allergies 2 x Equissage Machines Equilibrium Machine Bio Scan Machine

Stable Complex

The complex is well equipped with the stable’s own weighing scale, an ice machine and an ice bucket spa. The main stable comprises of 2 storeys. The downstairs is fully air-conditioned, and is great for horses that need to acclimatise to the hot weather. Upstairs the boxes are made to a more open plan style, the horses can see each other and have slight contact. This is useful for horses who fret and need company.

Horse walker

The horse walker is an asset at Steven Burridge Racing Stables. Our horse walker can exercise 8 horses simultaneously. Using a horse walker is one method of warming up horses prior to work and can prevent injuries to tendons and ligaments by encouraging blood flow to those areas before strenuous exercise. Walking before athletic exercise will improve the oxygen delivery and waste product removal to and from the muscles. All our horses are walked on the walker before they are saddled or worked.

An Equine Treadmill

The treadmill traditionally has been used as a research tool or in clinical diagnostic testing. However with the development of the high speed treadmill it has become more popular as a training tool. The uniqueness of the treadmill is that you can control the intensity, volume and duration of the work interval. This is a major advantage when doing high quality galloping work.

At Steven Burridge Racing Stables, the treadmill serves an ideal tool for interval training, with both distance and speed being accurately controlled. Research shows that the inclined treadmill forces the hind limbs to carry more weight and to provide greater propulsion. This is an ideal approach to assist in the muscular development of the hind limbs during training. The level of stress applied, speed and duration of gallops with each work out can be monitored by the use of heart rate monitors or by measurements of blood lactate concentrations.

The treadmill also provides an opportunity to nurse race track injuries such as tendons or joint problems, or control the work regime for an overly strong track worker. The treadmill belt provides a smooth, consistent surface, eliminating injuries from uneven footing.

Polar Heart Rate monitors

Monitoring the horses’ heart rate can lead to significant improvements in performance, endurance and health. A horse’s heart rate is a reliable indicator of it’s level of fitness.

The usefulness of continuously seeing horse’s exercise heart rate comes from the knowledge there is a linear relationship between heart rate and how hard the horse is working. By ‘heart rate auditing’ each of the horses’s training sessions any change from normality is a possible warning sign that all may be not well.

Working too hard for too long invites injury and fatigue. Working at too low an intensity provides little training benefit.

Improvements in horse’s fitness can be detected by it’s exercise and recovery heart rates. Heart rate monitors play an important part of Steven’s treadmill training. Steven gallops 2 to 4 horses daily on the treadmill and looks at all the recovery heart rates to ensure that the horse is improving his condition and not under or over working during specific workouts.


The E-TRAKKA® technology was developed to integrate information about a horse’s capability with the invaluable experience of a skilled horsemen. This helps facilitate better assessment of a horse’s fitness and plan a more effective care regime.

E-TRAKKA® is made up of a saddle blanket to house a heavy duty GPS tracking system and heart rate monitor. There are two electrodes linked from the blanket to monitor the horse’s heart rate. The saddle blanket is worn under the saddle, keeping it non-intrusive to the horse or rider. There is also a GPS antenna for the the jockey’s cap and is linked to the saddle blanket. The GPS processing system is able to monitor heart rate at various locations in the track. It also calculates the velocity of the horse. These data are then interpreted to produce a fitness score for each horse.

At Steven Burridge Racing Stables, E-TRAKKA® is primarily used during the horses’ training to measure the training speed and the heart rate. The breakthrough technology processes the heart-rate and velocity readings, as well as the position of the horse on the track. The data then provides Steven with a simple informative ‘snap shot in time’ about the horses’ fitness, performance and potential that was previously unavailable.

Harnessing the potent combination of cutting-edge technology and in-depth understanding of horses, trainers at Steven Burridge Racing Stables are able to make more informed training decisions and train their horses with more precision. This results in healthy horses performing at their optimum level on race day.