The other ‘better’ half of the Burridge Team- Julie

Early years

Julie began her racing life way back in 1979, in Surrey, England. She started riding at the tender age of seven.

From her early years at the riding school, Julie quickly found her competitive edge and an affinity with the horses. This rapport with horses, enabled her to school and even break in ponies, at a very young age. Using her petite build and a steely focus on horses, Julie then set about to become a jockey. She was soon accepted into the British Racing School in Newmarket where her formal education on racing began.

The professional in the making

Upon the completion of the course Julie was blessed with the opportunity to partner Susan Piggott (married to the legendary Lester Piggott). This partnership fast tracked her riding and training knowledge. Unfortunately her race riding was limited so Julie decided to move to Australia to further her riding career. After a stint in Japan, where she spent time re-educating retired race horses and teaching equestrian disciplines, she moved back to England and completed a certificate as a “British Horse Society Assistant Instructor”.

Shortly after another stint at Newmarket (for Clive Britton), she was asked to work for local trainer Bernard Ang, and moved to Singapore in 1993. It was here that Julie met Steve and the two of them joined forces which eventually led to an offer to train in Malaysia.