Living the racehorse ownership dream

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to participate in the sport of kings?

Horse racing is one of the most exhilarating and thrilling sports you will ever experience. Nothing can match the heartbeat of a horse when it’s pounding the track, being pushed along by his jockey and galloping towards victory. It’s the most exciting few minutes in sport even more so when the horse on the track belongs to you.


Emirates Singapore Derby Day, Singapore Turf Club July 15th 2018.

Jockey Simon Kok meeting guests in the parade ring

Horse Racing is exciting, fun and easy

Not many investments come with the experience that accompanies racehorse ownership. Racing Syndicates and Racing Clubs offer a cost-effective way to experience the thrill of ownership and be part of a very exclusive membership. It’s the most thrilling way to diversify your portfolio while potentially giving your money a little giddy-up. You can have some skin in the game at major races in Singapore, even if you’re not a multi-millionaire and have not had any horse experience at all.

Celebrating a win and making new friends on a Sunday afternoon at the Singapore Turf Club

There are 800 races with total prize money of $76 Million per annum.

The experience is the investment
After all, horseracing is thrilling, and when you’re involved in the game on a deeper, more personal level, as with ownership, the stakes are high and the payoff can be especially rewarding.

Excited race goers heading to the parade ring on Queen Elizabeth II Cup.

Owning a racehorse made easy
Trainer Steven Burridge will walk you through the ownership experience. We have horses available for syndication or sole ownership and welcome you to get on board and be part of this exclusive sport.




How does ownership work?

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