Ownership related

I can’t decide which racehorse to buy!

Our team of professionals can help you determine what kind of horse suitable for your level – No experience to experienced. It may be a yearling chosen by its pedigree from sales such as the Magic Million Sales, Inglis Bloodstock Sales or New Zealand Bloodstock Sales.

What are Credit Rebates?

For example, if your horse races twice a month, you will receive a credit rebate of S$1800 which will then be deducted from your training bills. More info

How much is the training costs in Singapore as compared to Australia?

In Singapore, basic training fee is capped at SGD3,750 per month. In comparison, Australia, leading trainers charge owners between AUD4,000 – AUD5,000 per month in training fees.

How does an owner benefit by racing overseas horses in Singapore?

Raced horses from other countries are re-handicapped by the Singapore handicapper. Thus, many come into Singapore with a very attractive rating and are often able to race in a lower class than their current standing.

What is Singapore Importation Health Requirements?

​Connections of visiting horses should refer to the shippers for details on compulsory government requirements (certifi cations, vaccinations, blood testing, veterinary examinations, etc.) and for requirements for return to their home countries.