Vaughan Palachie – FARRIER

Vaughan is a highly experienced farrier. His in-depth understanding of horses, with years of practical expertise, make him an invaluable asset to any stable team His exceptional shoeing skills, his horsemanship talents and broader knowledge of the equine world make Vaughan an excellent farrier as well as a ‘darn useful pair of hands’!Born in the North Auckland, New Zealand in the late 60’s, Vaughan’s passion for horses started from young. His mother, a keen horsewoman with her own horse, greatly influenced her son Vaughan. It was not long before he was riding skillfully and his equestrian activities soon included the demanding and exciting areas of hunting and show jumping.

Vaughan’s first foray into shoeing was when he helped a family friend shoe her horse. Soon after, he started his 4 year apprenticeship in New Zealand. His career as a farrier, spanning nearly 20 years, 2 continents and 4 countries, has gained Vaughan a variety of experiences across all sectors of the equine world, including shoeing and hoof health for different types of horses. He has also proven his proficiency in various environments, across a diverse range of equestrian disciplines including dressage, polo, jumping, carriage driving, pony club rallies, endurance and of course, thoroughbred racing. And the extensive list of his expertise goes on!

Vaughan has been working at the Singapore Turf Club at Kranji since 2002, after being head-hunted from his position as head farrier at The Singapore Polo Club. Vaughan is now the resident farrier for trainers Steven Burridge and John Meagher.

At Steven Burridge Racing Stable, Vaughan is a critical member of the team, and is responsible for shoeing the entire yard of 50 valuable thoroughbreds. Hardworking and reliable, Vaughan relishes the challenges and can take the pressure of keeping expensive equines on their feet. He enjoys working alongside trainer and vets alike in their effort to uphold the Steve Burridge reputation for perfection.