E-TRAKKA Blanket

Benefits of E-TRAKKA Blanket

The E-TRAKKA® technology was developed to integrate information about a horse’s capability with the invaluable experience of a skilled horseman. This helps facilitate better assessment of a horse’s fitness and to plan a more effective care regime.

At Steven Burridge Racing Stables, E-TRAKKA® is primarily used during the horses’ training to measure the training speed and the heart rate. The breakthrough technology processes the heart-rate and velocity readings, as well as the position of the horse on the track. The data then provides Steven with a simple informative ‘snap shot in time’ about the horses’ fitness, performance and potential that was previously unavailable.

How it works 

E-TRAKKA® is made up of a saddle blanket to house a heavy duty GPS tracking system and heart rate monitor. There are two electrodes linked from the blanket to monitor the horse’s heart rate. The saddle blanket is worn under the saddle, keeping it non-intrusive to the horse or rider. There is also a GPS antenna for the jockey’s cap and is linked to the saddle blanket. The GPS processing system is able to monitor heart rate at various locations in the track. It also calculates the velocity of the horse. These data are then interpreted to produce a fitness score for each horse.

Harnessing the potent combination of cutting-edge technology and in-depth understanding of horses, the team at Steven Burridge Racing Stables are able to make more informed training decisions and train their horses with more precision. This results in healthy horses performing at their optimum level on race day.