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As a sole owner of a horse, you will receive all the winnings your horse earns in races (after deduction of trainer’s and jockey’s commissions) and be responsible for all costs of the horse’s upkeep and training. Alternatively, you can check with our trainer for partial shares.

Owning a champion racehorse requires tons of patience. A horse who can jump into actions quickly are sprinters while a horse with good endurance can run long distances. Good to know there are horses who excel as a sprinter and a stayer.

All racehorses are bred outside of Singapore, hence when you first import your horse, give time for him to acclimatise in Singapore’s landscape. With proper training regime, your horse will gain momentum in return for a rewarding time at the race tracks.

Our Services

At Steven Burridge Racing Stables, we look for quality horses, facilitate the entire purchasing process.

Clients who prefer private purchases may contact us. Ask for our next schedule we participate major bloodstock sales overseas. Request a pedigree analysis covering a conformation examination and veterinary inspections as well as arranging transport with airfreight. A bloodstock insurance is recommended for an extra peace of mind.

For consultation to your next horse, WhatsApp 9173 1477 to Australian handler Steven Burridge.

How is the entire horse purchase like?

  1. Horse sales

    Trainers participate at auctions organised by Magic Millions, Inglis Bloodstock and New Zealand Bloodstock sales.

  2. Pedigree Analysis

    Examine your horse’s conformation

  3. Pass Vet check

    Veterinary inspects your horse

  4. Purchase Bloodstock insurance

    Airfreight insurance for your horse between his departure from country of origin and arrival to Singapore

  5. Name your horse

    Form your own stable and decide racing colours

A quicker way to start racing is to check the track record of your raced horse. A well maintained and overseas pre-trained horse can expedite the time taken to enter races. Only 2 years old and above or 6 years old and under are eligible to race in Singapore.

Having patience allows you to achieve your goals

Get loud, get excited, feel euphoric!

The Singapore races are replayed on The Singapore Turf Club website which also has all race cards, race results and replays, trial cards, trial results and replays, as well as all the latest news around the track.

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